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Here you will find all of Board Game Reviews videos, including unboxings, how to plays, reviews and possibly other fun stuff – you never know your luck!

One of the main sparks for me to create my own website for reviewing board games was because my three boys, like so many of their generation,  were desperate to be on YouTube. I had no interest in helping them make videos that no one would watch and so we came up with a plan to create a board game website and YouTube channel. 

They would love it if you could like our videos and subscribe to the Board Game Review channel, the boys ask almost daily how many likes their videos got. Just clicking the thumbs up icon means the world to them. 

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So we want you to hear about new reviews and features but we’re not going to spam you. Candidly, we haven’t got time for that! We are far too busy writing reviews, taking cool photographs for our Instagram account and creating some videos for our YouTube channel.