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About Board Game Review

So you want to know a bit more about Board Game Review huh? You nosey parker!

Well, luckily for you I have created a Media Kit which you can view by clicking here, or you can read on…

Who is Board Game Review?

Board Game Review grew from our whole family’s love for board games. Predominantly this blog and content is created by me, Nick T. You will also stumble across input from my three boys. I would tell you their ages but I will forget to update this in the following years so instead I will tell you that in the year 2020, my eldest son Harrison turned 12, George, turned 9 and my youngest, Max turned 6 albeit in November. This gives you an indication of their ages and gives you a perspective on the reviews when I mention them. If this blog is still going in 2037 you’ll have to do some maths! My wife contributes too, but much more behind the scenes!


So I don’t come from a board gaming background. I always loved playing games, don’t get me wrong, but I was a late bloomer when it came to the board game renaissance.

In my younger years I loved the usual and the unusual, particularly Othello and Ghost Castle. Progressing to Hero Quest in my preteen and early teens. As a teen I moved onto the Games Workshop, yeah I loved painting that stuff and successfully played 40k at least twice! Adult life saw me enjoy party games with friends. My enlightening was circa 2018 when I wandered into a now out of business board game shop and asked what they recommended… it was Ticket to Ride. That was the spark that they talk about in Star Wars, the awakening. Here I am today, with the Board Game Geek microbadge for far too many games owned and with my own review site.

I got into reviewing games for the board game retailer Zatu circa 2018. I enjoyed the process of writing for them but was slightly frustrated that I could only review games that hadn’t been reviewed before and were for sale with them, thus this site was born.

Anyway, I probably have lots more that I could and maybe will share with you one day. But for now that’s all you’re getting, I’ve got articles to write!

What do your scores mean?

I understand scores are very subjective, a brilliant children’s game won’t necessarily stand up to a euro game for many people. However, I try to balance the score with the target audience and the genre. Of course, my personal opinion is also added into the mix.

With regard to scores, these are here for quick reference and actually reading all the review will give you a better idea of whether this game is for you or not.

Generally speaking, if you ask me to play something in our Hall of Fame (i.e. games that have scored over 4.0), I will jump at the opportunity, within the context of the aforementioned genre. However, I really like all the games that score above 3.5 and will usually be very happy to play them. Anything between 2.5 and 3.5 I will play if “I am in the mood” for them. Under 2.5 and it will take a little bit of persuasion to tempt me into playing them. If a game scores under 1.5 I would barely consider this a game and would be very unlikely to play it.

What Games Do You Review?

I review my collection. Most of the games you will read about on the site have been purchased by me with my pocket money and my children’s inheritance. If any have been gifted for review, I will make this clear at the bottom of articles underneath the final ratings.

If you have a game you would like reviewed please feel free to drop me an email: I’m a friendly kind of chap and don’t mind sharing the love so don’t be put off getting in touch.

I’m not promising I will review it but I always like to hear about new and exciting things and it might lead to something on my social media. I might do a preview on the game or even an interview with you, which may help you promote your game. No promises though! 

How do we contact you?

Like I said above, you can drop me an email to I’m a friendly kind of chap so don’t be put off getting in touch.

You can also message me on Instagram and Facebook if you would prefer!

Just so we’re up front

We don’t get paid for our reviews. We may however earn a tincy wincy commission if you buy a game having clicked one of our affiliate links or sponsored content, read our full disclosure policy here.

Join our Mail List

So we want you to hear about new reviews and features but we’re not going to spam you. Candidly, we haven’t got time for that! We are far too busy writing reviews, taking cool photographs for our Instagram account and creating some videos for our YouTube channel.